alexandra owens

As a User Experience and Visual Designer, I bring a passion for creating visually stunning and intuitive digital experiences. My expertise in typography, color theory, and layout enables me to design beautiful interfaces that delight users and enhance their engagement. Whether it's a website, mobile app, or digital marketing campaign, I strive to create designs that not only look great but also align with the brand's visual identity and meet the user's needs. I believe great design is where form and function meet and where beauty co-exists seamlessly with user experience. 

I have worked to build and expand brands’ visual identities in Health and Wellness start-ups, and supported design and photography initiatives with  high profile  entertainment brands, including Sony, Nintendo, Mozilla Firefox, Marvel, DC, and Wizards of the Coast. I am actively expanding upon my 15 years of experience as a Visual Designer with my recent studies in User Experience Design. 

I am trained in UX Design, Visual Design, Photography, and Motion Graphics. I completed certifications in Video Production, Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics, and InDesign from Boulder Digital Arts and Typography from UC Berkeley’s extension program. I hold a BA in Art History from The Colorado College, a certificate in Printmaking from The Glasgow School of Art and a User Experience Certification from Springboard. 

When I am not being professionally creative, I can be found painting landscapes and birds, something I think of as “recreationally creative.”  I’m also a hiking and running enthusiast, and love spending quality time with my beloved cat, who has been known to make cameos in a marketing campaign or two.


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